During the last five years, more than 350,000 customers have installed a software program called Accountable2You that can increase accountability. Once you download the mobile application, you may evaluate detailed reports, receive several types of alerts, customize the settings of the software program and view many messages. You could also examine websites that are related to specific keywords, and if a user visits these websites, the software program will automatically provide a notification. Additionally, the mobile application could help you to track the smartphone, and you may view a detailed map that will indicate the location of the smartphone.

Providing Many Reports and Monitoring the Smartphone

While you examine multiple reports, you can evaluate detailed messages, many pictures and several types of phone calls. The software program could indicate the duration of each phone call, and once a person calls the smartphone, you can quickly identify the caller. The mobile application could also provide a detailed graph that will evaluate the user’s behaviors. After the user visits a specific website, the software program can examine the duration of the session. The user may also utilize many types of mobile applications, and the software program could identify each mobile application, evaluate the user’s activity and examine the features of the mobile application.

Receiving Multiple Types of Alerts

Once the software program detects questionable activity, the mobile application can quickly send a notification to the customer. Subsequently, the client may view a detailed report that will evaluate the questionable activity. Moreover, the software program will send emails that contain weekly reports, and you may compare many reports, review the browsing history, examine previous messages and manage several types of data.

The mobile application can also provide a report that will help you to organize the notifications. When you receive numerous alerts, you may view a report that will evaluate the date of each alert, the questionable activity and comparable notifications.

Examining Websites That Contain Specific Keywords

The mobile application can automatically evaluate websites that are associated with certain keywords, and if you customize the settings of the software program, you may identify keywords that are related to questionable activity. After the user visits specific websites, you could evaluate the URL of each website, the duration of the session and multiple types of pages.

Viewing Several Types of Messages

The mobile application can provide detailed reports that describe each user’s behaviors, many messages and various types of phone calls. Once you evaluate the extensive reports, you may read specific messages, and you can determine the time stamp, identify the recipient and evaluate the length of the message. Likewise, you could view messages that contain pictures, videos and many types of links.

Tracking the Smartphone and Examining a Local Map

The software program will consistently utilize a GPS that can indicate the location of the smartphone, and you may view a detailed map that could help you to find the mobile device. Once the user visits specific locations, the mobile application can provide several notifications, and while a person is traveling, you could easily examine the length of the route, nearby businesses and the duration of the trip.

Protecting the Mobile Application and Increasing Security

If a user attempts to uninstall the mobile application, the software program will automatically provide a notification, and the mobile application could describe the user’s activity. Sometimes, an unauthorized user may try to access the mobile application. Once a person enters an incorrect password, the software program will quickly alert the customer, and the mobile application can indicate the number of attempts, the incorrect password and the settings of the software program.

Recently, multiple companies have designed incognito browsers that could consistently increase security. Fortunately, the mobile application can easily monitor the incognito browsers, and the cutting-edge browsers will not affect the performance of the software program.

Managing the Valuable Data

The mobile application provides innovative tools that can help you to organize the important data, and you could easily store the data, share the data or modify the settings of your account. Typically, the cutting-edge tools can considerably increase security. According to numerous reports, the useful tools could also improve the efficiency of the software program, enhance integration and minimize downtime.

Removing Several Types of Mobile Applications

The software program will automatically monitor many types of mobile applications, yet when a user modifies the settings, the customer could exclude several mobile applications. Usually, many clients protect software programs that are related to banking, and some customers may also exclude mobile applications that can manage personal messages. Once the client excludes certain mobile applications, the customer could easily increase privacy, improve security and protect the mobile applications.

Offering a Free Trial and Evaluating a Detailed Guide

Fortunately, the business can provide a free trial for new customers, and once a client installs the software program, the customer may utilize the free trial for 10 days. After the free trial, the client will pay $7 per month, yet if a family purchases the mobile application, the software program will have a monthly price of $12.

The company has created a guide that can help new customers to utilize the software program. If the clients follow the instructions, the customers could choose the appropriate settings, enhance integration and improve automation. The detailed guide also describes partners who can substantially increase accountability, and these partners could consistently monitor the user’s activity, view the extensive reports and receive the important notifications.

Learning Additional Information and Choosing a Service Plan

If you have any questions about the mobile application, you should visit the company’s website, and you may evaluate the features of the software program, the price of the mobile application, frequently asked questions, numerous types of reports and the company’s blog. Once you contact the business, you could also speak to a helpful representative. The expert can answer many questions, manage your subscription, modify the settings of your account and provide helpful guidelines.