The Candeo Recovery Program

We use the latest in brain science and therapy techniques to help people overcome pornography, masturbation, and sexual addictions.

Features Include:

  • 100% Online and Anonymous
  • 13+ Hours of Professional Video Training
  • Personal Candeo Coach
  • World-Wide Student Forum
  • Tracking Tools
  • Progress Journal
  • Candeo Radio
  • Alternative Treatment Paths for Masturbation and Sexual Addiction
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Work with your brain instead of against it.

Willpower, abstinence, or self-help books alone do not work. These recovery techniques work against your brain and make permanent change impossible.

At Candeo, we constantly seek to harness the power of the latest cutting-edge brain science to help our world-wide students. We know that if you can change your brain, you can change your life.

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Work with your brain

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Candeo Student Stories

Stories from people who have been at the bottom and how the Candeo Recovery Program brought them back.

Candeo Student Dnunya

Candeo Student

Before finding Candeo, Dnunya had suffered from unwanted behaviors for almost her entire life. Through all of the ups and downs she finally decided she was a lost cause. Hear how starting The Candeo Recovery Program changed everything.

Candeo Student Ingol

Candeo Student

Ingol's addiction was eating away at the relationships in his life. He had stopped associating with friends and was watching his marriage fall apart. Hear Ingol tell how The Candeo Program empowered him to break free from his addiction, start reconnecting with family, and develop a stronger marriage than ever before.

Candeo Student MrKarmaJ

Candeo Student

Candeo Student MrKarmaJ came to Candeo as a skeptic. It wasn't until he learned about the brain science of change and saw the results begin to happen in his life that he really started to see the potential of the Candeo Recovery Programs tools.


Why don’t you offer books or manuals?

Because they’re ineffective. Information by itself is not enough to change behavior. Even other online programs only provide information, which is like buying a really expensive book.

Changing behavior is like going to the gym or getting better at a sport or music - the key is in building practical know-how and skills, and the Recovery System prompts you to do exactly what you need to do, when you need to do it. It’s like having a coach or physician in your pocket.

Why don’t you offer retreats or residential treatment?

The problem is that they remove you from your normal environment (and they’re super expensive too). Anyone can get better for a while when they’re locked away from the stresses and triggers of real life - but the problems come right back when they get home.

Instead we have focused entirely on creating an intervention that is effective because it treats you individually and affordably in your normal environment at home, at work, or on the go.

So the secret sauce is in the tools and the online system?

Yes, but not just there. Some people base their “treatment” on the idea that all addicts have the same 4 bad beliefs or some other one thing in common. Or if the provider is recovered themselves, they promote what worked for them.

Of course, we applaud anyone who is able to find a way toward recovery. But their way may not be your way. Our approach is to expertly guide you step-by-step to your own way through self-discovery and application exercises and practices based in modern science.

Does it work?

Of course! It’s a point of pride for us that we conduct exhaustive research on the program. Research that has been published in scientific, peer-reviewed journals. Others rely on their 30+ years of experience, or a book they’ve written, or their ability to get on talk shows to convince you they can help.

But popularity is no replacement for documented results. We’ve done all that other stuff too, but at the end of the day everyone says they’re the best, so as you’re shopping around, make sure they can prove it.

Okay, anything else?

Another unique aspect of our program is that the methods and techniques you learn for completely overcoming your porn addiction can be used for making a lot of other changes in your life too (such as anger reduction, weight management, increased productivity, you name it). It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

I’ve tried other things, even intensive services, and nothing has worked for me…

We hear this a lot. But we’ve been able to help those that no one else can. 77% of our users have tried other types of help with little effect and they say that Candeo is better than anything else they’ve tried.

Another 19% use Candeo in addition to other forms of help and say that it is as good as or better than what they’re using (and this includes very intensive forms of treatment like individual and couples counseling, 12-step programs, ecclesiastical help, and in-patient and out-patient treatments). No form of treatment, of the 10 alternatives we tested, was perceived as being more helpful than the Recovery Program.

What kind of change can I expect to see?

Users of the Program experience statistically significant REDUCTIONS or ELIMINATION of each of the following: obsessive sexual thoughts, negative emotion, pornography use, masturbation, voyeurism, extramarital sex, and strip club attendance.

In addition, members of the Recovery Program experience significant INCREASES in positive emotion, a sense of more control over the addiction, more meaning in life, greater connection to others, more effective use of healthy pleasure outlets, and feelings of being forgiven for what they’ve done.

How does it work?

Very well. Acts of kindness, the FRC technique, developing a healthy sexuality mindset, responding to negative self-talk, healthy pleasure outlets, gratitude breathing, and the tools and technologies for implementing all of these practices and more into your life have been carefully calibrated and connected to effective outcomes.

If you work the program, you will improve.

Do you provide any other services?

We do. We also run groups, provide individual coaching, offer aftercare programs and webinars, assist spouses of those struggling with addiction, and can even provide intensive services to really go deep if you need it. But we emphasize the Recovery Program first because it’s the best place to start.