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Here are some ways our readers and writers have found success overcoming porn addiction. You can use some or all of them to create a custom program for yourself. The purpose of this list is to show you that there are many treatment and recovery options available. This of course isn’t all the options available.

  1. Fortify by – This is a completely online and anonymous program with a bunch of tools to help with recovery. You can sign up for free at first and check it out. Some people just like the daily videos you can watch to jump start your day on the right foot and stay strong. These guys truly understand the science behind porn and sexual addiction.
  2. Dare to Connect – Mark Kastleman and Steve Moore put together a program unlike any other in that you get several hours a week of therapy/counseling from two professionals who know this addiction unlike most. It comes across as a total immersion program that gets you the freedom you need now, not way down the road. This program is also good for couples.
  3. 12 Step Programs – This isn’t for everybody but many people have found success with them. The sense of community and connection alone can be hugely beneficial for people who are feeling isolated and ashamed of their addiction. Talking to someone who also struggles with these addictions can be such a relief and gives you a nice boost in confidence and strength that you can indeed overcome these addictions.The great thing about the 12 step program is that there are many varieties of them to fit whatever your preference is. For example, this religious organization has adopted its own version of the program that can be done online or in person with physical meetings.
  4. Books – There are so many books on this subject now that can help you. We list some of the best porn addiction books here. But for example, the book Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success – This book is jam packed with more actionable advice to overcome addictions than most self help books. If you feel like you have ran out of ideas on how to overcome your addictions then this book will give you plenty of ideas
  5. Therapy – Everyone could probably benefit from some therapy when overcoming addiction. Professionals can point out things that you’re not seeing. There are many different types of therapy from traditional “talk therapy” to inner-child work to EMDR. You may have to experiment with a few different types to figure out what works best for you. Therapy is especially important if the “root” of your addiction is traumatic things that happened to you as a child or adult.
  6. In-patient Rehab – Yes there are rehabs for porn addiction and sexual addictions. Not everybody needs rehab but sometimes things get so bad with an addiction that rehab is one of the only ways you can even get started in your recovery. It can give you a fighting chance so to speak. For example, if you’ve had a hard time getting even a week sober after a number of attempts then a rehab can help you get 30 days or more sober in a safe environment and then help you transition to normal life where hopefully it is now easier for you to stay sober longer.
  7. Out-patient Treatment – Unlike an inpatient rehab you’re not staying in a safe environment day and night for a month. However it is a safe place of learning and growing during the day and it helps keep you accountable and on track while you recover. It’s usually a mix of different treatments in one. You go for a certain time during the day usually then go about your life as usual including returning to your own home or job. This is often times used as a transition tool after in-patient treatment so you gradually get used to normal life again in a safe way.
  8. Meditation – There are so many studies on the benefits of meditation. For addiction specifically it can help you to learn to calm down and enjoy the present more and stop seeking out a rush or thrill beyond the normal healthy life. It can teach you to be happier with the healthy and more sustainable life. It can also help you learn to control your thoughts and emotions better as you wrestle with addictive urges. In person meditations like “mindfulness meditation” can be great and get you out of the house. Look for places that do this on Google Maps or on If you can’t do in person meditations then apps like Calm work great too.
  9. Exercise and Diet – Aside from just being healthier, diet and exercise can help restore brain chemistry to normal healthy levels. It’s so important for your mental health to be healthy physically. The happier you are the less likely you’ll want to turn to porn or masturbation as a quick fix.
  10. Accountability Software – This can be a game changer for a lot people when it comes to staying safe and sober on the internet. If you know someone is aware of the websites you’re visiting then you’re less likely to visit porn sites. A really good option is called and one of the features that makes it such an effective deterrent is instant text alerts. This means that the moment you look at a porn site someone, meaning the partner you assign, is receiving a text alert about what you just looked at. So there is no hiding your activity. Taking the secrecy out of addiction is essential.

Once again this list is by no means exhaustive or all-inclusive. These are only meant as helpful suggestions recommended by our readers and writers. In fact feel free to email us with your own suggestions. This is also not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment. Always seek the help of professionals if you need it. In the meantime you can take the porn addiction test to see where you stand. You can also email us anytime to ask questions.