Candeo Student Stories

Stories from people who have been at the bottom and how the Candeo Recovery Program brought them back.

Candeo Student Dnunya

Candeo Student

Before finding Candeo, Dnunya had suffered from unwanted behaviors for almost her entire life. Through all of the ups and downs she finally decided she was a lost cause. Hear how starting The Candeo Recovery Program changed everything.

Candeo Student Ingol

Candeo Student

Ingol's addiction was eating away at the relationships in his life. He had stopped associating with friends and was watching his marriage fall apart. Hear Ingol tell how The Candeo Program empowered him to break free from his addiction, start reconnecting with family, and develop a stronger marriage than ever before.

Candeo Student MrKarmaJ

Candeo Student

Candeo Student MrKarmaJ came to Candeo as a skeptic. It wasn't until he learned about the brain science of change and saw the results begin to happen in his life that he really started to see the potential of the Candeo Recovery Programs tools.

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